What is a monument sign?

What is a monument sign?

A Monument Sign is a freestanding sign that is typically larger than a standard pole sign. Monument signs have a large footprint and are usually attached to a building or something else that can support their weight. These types of signs are great for real estate companies, pizza chains, or any other business that wants to attract attention to their location.

A monument sign can have one or a series of messages that can be read from up high. This sign allows the recipient of the signs to direct their eye to what’s important to them. For example, the owner of a restaurant could place one of these signs at their door if they want people who are coming to the restaurant to leave a tip. It’s the same type of sign you’d see at the entrance of a store, letting people know what’s inside. It also has specific applications if you are looking for publicity. Monument signs have a long history of being used to adorn the front of buildings, especially those in inner cities. That’s because these types of signs capture the attention of city-dwellers in a positive way. However, there are fewer applications for them now compared to a few decades ago.

Where to put monument signs for maximum visibility

There are a couple of things to think about before deciding where to put your monument sign. First and foremost, you want to think about the size of your business. Are you a small local business, or are you a large chain? If you’re a small local business, you might want to have your sign on the side of your building or on the door. If you’re a large chain, you should absolutely have it outside. There’s no simple rule that says where it has to be, but locally-focused micro-gardners have found that having a monument sign on a side street or at the edge of parking lot can be fine. Moreover, sometimes businesses can be everywhere, but it doesn’t mean there’s going to be industry diversity within a town.

There are, of course, scenarios in between. Sometimes a local business cannot afford a full-blown marketing campaign at all, but can still keep up traditional signage. Next, we find that there are some companies that rely very heavily on offline advertising. They may never have their booth set up or have the signage set up for them, but they can still produce enough traffic to justify being visible in the community. In all of these situations, having your monument surrounded by a group of other industry professionals and historic residents can be thought of as a subtle or overt form of advertisement.

How to have a sign made for your business

If you’re wondering how to design a sign for your business, the first thing you should do is speak to your local sign shop or a company like Signs Express who can help you design the perfect sign for your business. As I was researching how I could improve my business’ digital presence, I discovered Sign Design that is the most comprehensive resource for businesses when it comes to their digital signage, optimising any budget spent on it.

What kind of signs can be made?

Sign making is not just for business owners. You can also make signs for clubs, churches, schools, or anything else that needs a sign.

What is the difference between vinyl and aluminum signs?

Vinyl signs are a lot cheaper to make than aluminum signs. However, aluminum signs will last longer than vinyl signs.