Saving Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter Is Easier Than You Think

Many people are concerned with rising utility costs and want to find ways to heat their homes for less this winter. Although it may seem difficult to find doable solutions to this common problem, it’s possible with the following tips and tricks, which are aimed at helping you reduce your heating bill and increase your savings on home energy costs.

Solar radiation can be used to heat your home if you use curtains and open them during the day to let in the light. Sunlight can significantly reduce heating costs. Close the curtains at night to trap the heat inside and prevent the heat from escaping. You can use your fireplace to heat your home if you have an efficient blower installed to circulate the heat. Stack your cord of wood away from your home to avoid creating a breeding ground for insects, pests, and rodents. Keep the fireplace flue closed when not in use because heat does tend to rise and it will exit directly up the chimney if you aren’t careful about this. A fireplace is a good way to save on heating costs this winter.

A furnace that’s dirty or broken will not function properly. Make sure you have sealed up any leaks in the ductwork by a heating repair expert so that your furnace doesn’t wind up blowing the hot air into the attic or under the crawl space of your home. This can lead to an inefficient system that is wasting a lot of money. A home with improperly connected ductwork can lose sixty percent of the warm air before it ever makes it into the house, leading to huge amounts of wasted energy. Duct tape and mastic can be used to repair leaky ductwork. Furnaces should be inspected and repaired by a reputable professional. Don’t attempt to repair your furnace or boiler unless you know what you are doing or else you risk making the problem worse.

The small gaps around windows and doors can lead to a significant loss of warm air during the winter months. In order to prevent this from occurring you should weather strip or re-caulk around doors and windows to lock that warm air inside. Within a year, the materials you use to better seal your home will more than pay for themselves in reduced heating bills. By insulating your attic you will trap the warm air inside your home and prevent it from leaking out through this energy inefficient space. Adding insulation is a project that you may be able to do yourself on the cheap. It is recommended that you add at the very least twelve additional inches of insulation to your attic to prevent heat loss during the winter. Consult your local home improvement center for their recommendations on various types of insulation, and read up on reviews before you make a decision of which brand to go with.

Installing programmable thermostats is a good idea to save on heating costs. By reducing your home temperature when you plan to be out of the house you can prevent a rise in your heating costs this winter. Program your thermostat to around sixty degrees anytime you plan to be out of the house for more than several hours, like when you go to work or school. This can amount to a significant degree of savings over the winter months. By following this guide you will reduce the cost of heating your home this winter and be well on your way to a lower heating bill and a much warmer home.

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