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A pinboard, also known as a bulletin board, is a surface used for the posting of public messages e.g. to advertise items for sale, event announcements, or provide information. It is made of a material/fabric such as ‘cork’ so that messages can be added and removed from the board. Pinboards are now mostly found in universities where different groups use it for notices and announcements. Official administration may also use pinboards for important announcements. Pinboards are usually attached in corridors, well-crowded hallways so that it can be seen by the majority of passing people. However, many offices like private NGOs also use pinboards for important notices apart from internet forums. If you are looking for a pinboard, whether for personal use or for official use, then MAPRAK is your best choice. MAPRAK has made getting custom pinboards extremely easy.

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Who is MAPRAK?

MAPRAK has secured its position as South Australian market leader in the display industry in over more than fifty years with a great emphasis on the manufacture and distribution of excellent quality pinboards. Importing raw materials from all over the world including countries like Belgium and Japan, MAPRAK guarantees to provide a longer-lasting, superior product by using the finest components available. MAPRAK designs and manufactures according to individual customer specifications ensuring that you receive a well-made quality product. MAPRAK products are used daily in schools, offices, government departments, educational facilities, as well as private customers. MAPRAK team is also available to cater to customers online and provide their assistance and offer advice on all aspects of visual communication. MAPRAK shines bright in the industry due to the trust they have built with their customers over time through quality products delivered on time and a good support service catering to customers’ queries. MAPRAK provides display systems from small pinboard to the largest theatre projection wall.

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Custom Pinboards by MAPRAK:

MAPRAK uses materials like Autex Vertiface / Rim Trilogy 1 fabric for their range of pinboards. The fabric is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant, and recyclable. To get your custom pinboard all you need to do is to go to their website, and fill out a simple form provided on the page. MAPRAK, with its team of experts, designs and locally manufactures products according to customer’s specifications. Customers can choose from the following features to build a pinboard of their choice:

Office, School Furnitures & Accessories Adelaide | Maprak

  • Custom dimensions to be provided by the customer
  • Three kinds of frames: M20 Frame, Reverse Angle Frame, Wrap-Around (No Frame)
  • Two corner types: Plastic and Mitred
  • A wide variety of fabric colors to choose from

MAPRAK also offers free online assistance to its customers so that every customer gets the product that they need. So visit their website and book an on-site appointment with their friendly staff absolutely free. All customer queries are catered in that appointment.