Modular Or Built-In Steam Shower Features Not To Be Ignored

Steam is water vapor and shower includes running liquid water, so the utterance of term, ‘steam showers’ may sound like an oxymoron. Steam showers are available in two forms of the standalone modular unit or built-in room. There are some unique things to consider about each one.

Plumbing and electrical aspects need to be looked into. The features and optional amenities ranging from colored lightings to music need to be considered. Homeowners will need to get familiar in advance to make an informed decision about which extravagance to splurge on.

Built-in or Modular

A steam shower is a self-contained unit or room that generates steam with the purpose of bathing as well as relaxing. The steam shower is designed to create and maintain high-temperature vapor. The steam room uses high humidity moist heat, whereas the sauna employs low humidity dry heat. Thus, self build a steam room with a steam shower is preferred rather than saunas.

Three ways to include a steam shower in your home

  • Retrofit existing shower
  • Construct steam room
  • Buy a modular steam unit

Three key components for steam shower enclosures

  1. Steam generator – Covert’s water to steam, which is transported through pipes in the steam unit/room
  2. Access to water supply – Steam generator needs a water supply line (to make steam) and drain line (deplete recondensed water).
  3. Availability of electricity supply – Steam generators need electricity to heat water and convert it into steam.

Any kind of steam shower you prefer, it is vital to have access to necessary utilities and components.

Factors not to be overlooked

  • Sufficient space – If you are planning to install a modular unit in your existing bathroom or somewhere else then ensure the size is appropriate, so it does not overcrowd the available space.
  • Heath benefits and safety – Steam enclosures provide overall health benefits ranging from skin cleansing to deep relaxation. People with grave health issues must consult their physician and pregnant women need to avoid steam showers.
  • Steam showers are green – Steam shower consumes only 2 gallons of water in half an hour session. Alternatively, body spray shower with multi-head uses 225 gallons and whirlpool utilizes 60 to 120 gallons in an hour.
  • Both built-in and modular have pros and cons – Modular standalone units are portable, but some designs don’t blend with home decoration. On the other hand, built-in steam rooms provide flexibility in selecting specific features, which can be sized and blended with the surroundings. The built-in steam shower room is very expensive in comparison.
  • Steam generator size – A steam generator with 120 V capacities is sufficient for a small enclosure, but large rooms may need 240 V units. Even consider, whether bathroom electricity lines obtain right voltage feed.
  • Select modular units with strong warranty – Modular steam enclosures available from a variety of brands differ in warranty aspects. As these are appliances, you need a strong warranty and even check what is covered and what isn’t.
  • Purchase from reputable sources – Different sources from various countries produce modular steam showers. It is necessary to really feel and touch the unit to understand its longevity and performance. Therefore, buy it from an accessible company, so that you can personally visit them to resolve any issues.
  • Seek certification – Certification means that the steam shower modular unit design is tested methodically by respected organizations and deemed to be safe.

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