Choose the right lights for your outdoor space

Choose the right lights for your outdoor space

Outdoor Lighting can be a great way to set the tone for your outdoor area and to make it more functional. The key when it comes to outdoor lighting is to choose the right kind of light for this space.
Most people, when buying incandescent (bulb) light bulbs, go for two bulbs in series, meaning the middle bulb is the highest. Don’t fall for this, there is a better way. Instead of getting just one middle bulb, get two middle bulbs in series so the higher up you place the middle bulb, the less effective the lighting will be. For example, if you buy one 60-watt incandescent light bulb, then place it correctly, the 60 watt light bulb will be the brightest when lit from directly below (on) or from the side (on). If you place the middle bulb a few feet to the right or left, you won’t get as much light output as you’d get from placing it in the center.

For heating lamps, always choose the coolest bulbs to aid in radiant heating. If using multiple heat sources in series, always have a heat lamp close to the source of the heat you want to convey.

Find the best outdoor lighting fixtures for your home

When you’re planning to buy outdoor lighting fixtures, make sure that you do your research and ask for advice. The best way to find outdoor lighting fixtures is to ask professionals about what kind of lighting fixtures will work best for your home. Outdoor lighting fixtures can be expensive, so it’s important to find the best ones that will be worth your money.

Don’t choose lighting on price alone!

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest lights you can find, but don’t skimp out on your lighting. Cheap lights can cause uneven skin tones and won’t give you the professional look you’re going for. So, invest in the best lights you can afford and make sure they provide the right kind of light your skin needs. You’ll help freshen up your environment and assist in boosting energy levels. To get the best exposure from your lighting, you should angle it downwards, and it should shine downward, too.

According to Medical News Today,

“Because light reflects off surfaces, direct sunlight sends downward the most rays, followed by rays bouncing off a wall and hitting the wall on the opposite side.”

For your lighting to offer the best result, it’s important to find the correct angle for your lights, and it’s also important to create a pleasing lighting environment. You don’t want your lighting to create shadows on your skin or hurt your posture, so keep your lights level and the floor as white as possible.

Selecting the right outdoor light fixture is all about location, location, location!

If you want to make a nice outdoor space you need to think about where you’re going to put your light fixtures. If you don’t put them in the right place, they won’t work.

A basement is a great place to put a light fixture because the floor is raised, compared to the walls. That means you can use a lamp with an equivalent wattage, and the fixture looks much higher than it is. But, this isn’t always possible in a basement. What you want to avoid is having a light fixture facing a window, or setting up multiple fixtures on the floor near a window, or a steepening in angle made by the floor joists.

Avoid common mistakes when choosing outdoor lights for your home

There are many mistakes that people make when buying outdoor lights for their home. Here are the top five mistakes that people make:

  • Buying the wrong light for the outdoor environment
  • Buying a light for the wrong location
  • Buying the wrong amount of light
  • Buying the wrong type of light
  • Using a flash can damage the lights Growing up, I lived in a place with no sunshine.