6 Reasons To Consider Gemini Letters For Your Business Logo

Are you thinking to replace your stale board with an interactive business logo? Try considering Gemini letters that offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. So, what are these Gemini letters that have gained popularity in graphic designers and sign companies? Basically, these are the dimensional letters that make your business logo pop out with their convex body shape. This was a quick intro of Gemini letters so that you can find the right sign service in Florida that offers Gemini letters design and installation. Come, let’s discuss some of the key properties that compel you to try Gemini letters for your business logo and make most out of this small investment.

Color Choices

Some places demand light colors due to their interiors and the others demand brighter hues to make things attractive. When you set on a journey to find a reliable sign service in Florida for Gemini letters, this question is more likely to appear in the discussion that what color do you prefer for the logo. And the best part is that you can select from a wide range of color schemes when opting for Gemini letters. Due to its being manufactured in acrylic, you can avail of the multicolor facility if you select Gemini letters for your business logo.

Material Options

Usually, the Gemini letters are considered to be made from acrylic only but this is the half-truth. If you happen to find a real creative sign service in Florida, you can unlock this material barrier for your Gemini letters. As we go deep into the exploration of Gemini letters material, we find a plethora of options for a durable business logo. From polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PVC, you can select a viable option that goes with your business logo’s preferences. And this selection can greatly influence the cost to accomplish the job and you’ll find your business logo without spending much in comparison to other available options.


One of the reasons that businesses are attracted to the Gemini letters is their endurance in different weather conditions. Once you locate a reliable sign service in Florida, you can find more information about the durability depending upon the weather conditions, location of the logo and the material selected. In other words, Gemini letters can withstand severe weather conditions for years to come and make your investment worth it.

Quick Manufacturing

Gemini letters, directional letters or call them plastic letters, this option has various names due to its multiple characteristics. The key reason that businesses are opting for Gemini letters is the ease of manufacturing that they provide. Where other sign options take up to weeks and even months, you can get your business logo ready in just 4 days or less if you opt for Gemini letters.

Styling Options

Are you planning to make your rebranding strategies successful with the new business logo? Well, here’s another good reason to try Gemini letters and avail of different style options they have. You can go with the color option, try chrome effect or infuse LED option in your Gemini letters logo. Just ask the providers of sign service in Florida to show you more options and make your business logo exceptionally well-designed and stylish.

Lifetime Guarantee

When you select Gemini letters in comparison to another option, you can expect a lifetime guarantee for replacement and maintenance. Yes, once you have a significant service in Florida to design your business logo, you can avail of the maintenance or replacement facility for your Gemini letters’ selection.

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