As more researches are proving the magical, healing potential of CBD, a large number of home growers are finding ways to increase their CBD yield. This is because the conventional cultivation methods prove ineffective in their quest to obtain a high amount of CBD content in their plants due to hermaphrodite or male plants sprouting out of regular hemp seeds. A viable solution is to buy only CBD feminized hemp seeds that are guaranteed to offer you the female plants and increase your chances to get more CBD content in your plants. Colorado Breeders Depot offers a wide range of its CBD feminized hemp seeds to passionate home growers so they can increase their CBD content and double the revenue off their hard work. Come, let’s understand the usage of CBD feminized hemp seeds and what benefits they offer to you.

CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds Overview:

Found in cannabis plant, CBD is a magical content that holds the power to heal various inflammatory injuries and mental illnesses. Present in a small quantity next to THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD works as an elixir to cure various mental and physical conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, diabetes and epilepsy. CBD feminized hemp seeds are basically an all-female squad in the list of various cannabis seed types. They help the growers to extract CBD seeds in large quantity without losing the female plant counts due to pollination or hermaphrodite. This sole reason has triggered the demand for CBD feminized hemp seeds in passionate home growers. Sensing the various cultivation preferences of our clients, Colorado Breeders Depot offer a versatile range of CBD feminized hemp seeds as listed below:

  • Auto Flower Tsunami
  • Auto Flower Pivot
  • Black Jack Feminized CBD Hemp Seed
  • Berry Blossom Feminized CBD Hemp Seed
  • Cherry Wine Feminized CBD Hemp Seed
  • Cherry Wine Viable CBD Hemp Pollen
  • Hustler Feminized CBD Hemp Seed


In order to grow the right plant, you must know the advantages of the seeds. We’ve underlined some key reasons to consider our CBD feminized hemp seeds so you can make your final decision in the light of these benefits that you can expect from your yield.

  • One of the tiring parts of growing cannabis plants is to look for male plants that reduces the chances of CBD content found only in female plants. Since, you’re sowing only CBD feminized hemp seeds, you can expect female plants only and increases your CBD yield.
  • While you select the regular seeds over CBD feminized hemp seeds, you’ll have to constantly look for male plants or signs of hermaphrodite in your female plants in presence of male ones which consumes much of your time. When you select CBD feminized hemp seeds, you can cut this part from your growing cycle.
  • Since, you’re not risking your yield to contain male plants, you can expect all female plants by selecting our CBD feminized hemp seeds and expect a high yield of CBD rich content.

Colorado Breeders Depot offers a wide range of CBD feminized hemp seeds that are checked for quality and high yield in our labs. Contact us on (719) 275-7770 or drop an email at [email protected] and you can also visit our portal to make online order.